Make Money Writing From Home About Your Interest Or Passions

When many people think about making money online they automatically relate it to surveys but today I’m going to share with you a place that allows me to make money writing from home about my very own interest.

I feel that we all have a story telling side of us waiting to come out. Isn’t it just jotting down on paper what we typically conversate about ? I would say yes.. Ask someone to “talk” about something and they’ll probably be able to tell you quite a few information but if you ask them to “write” about this same topic they will most likely be at a loss for words.

Most people won’t be optimistic about writing because they just don’t do it enough. If you wrote as much as we talk on a daily basis then coming up with content wouldn’t be that difficult in my opinion.

When I first started in the online world I couldn’t even write you a 300 article but now I’m comfortable enough to write you a 10,000 article if I’m knowledgeable about the topic. This change happened in probably 3 to 6 months if I recall correctly. Tmake money writing from homehis isn’t what this page is about though so I’m not going to touch up on how I did that exactly. I will talk about how I was able to make money from home by just writing about what interested me.

My Short Writing Experience

When I first began looking to make money online through writing I came across website that would pay you about 10 to 20 dollars for some 500 words which wasn’t that bad because I was writing about 3 to 5 articles a week.

Could I have done more ? Probably but it was a process that I had to go through which involve researching the topic , gathering my thoughts , and then actually writing about it.

Now while I was getting some okay money I soon found out that these website were inserting affiliate links within the articles I wrote. What a shocker right ? Not really but since I didn’t know about affiliate marketing and how the whole online marketing thing worked it took me by surprise.

I started researching more and more about affiliate marketing till I felt I knew the basics to get started. What did I do ? Instead of publishing articles to other websites, why wouldn’t I just write these articles in my own website and make money by promoting products or services I felt that were good ?

That’s exactly what I started doing and in no time I began to receive some organic traffic although it took a couple months because I wasn’t doing the correct keyword research and I was just writing general content but that soon changed.

I came across this website called Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join by the way, check out this review on them.

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Write For Your Own Website

I quickly learn that I could earn from one product promotion article what I would earn for writing about 50 articles. Even if it took more time to make this type of opportunity work it showed that this article alone would make me a whole lot more income.

On top of this I create my website for free and even got free hosting. I wanted a free hosting and at the time I got a sub domain to see if this was something that I could make work and guess what I did :)

I’m sure you want to know the steps that I followed so I’ll share them with you.

Step 1 Find Your Interest Or Passion

I would follow what really interest you not where the money is at. This is the biggest mistakes that beginners make without a doubt. For example, many go the fat loss niche (a niche is just a topic ) route but that is one of the most heavily competitive niches that you will come across.make money writing from home

You want to choose something you are very familiar with or are can be very excited to learn about. To see how this works let’s take the term “laptop” as it’s a very high search topic on google. If I knew extensively about laptops then I would create a lot of laptop reviews on how good they are and even go to doing articles on something like ” best laptops under $1000″ or “best laptops under $500″ . Take a look at this website I recently build on home gym equipments as it’s certainly a good niche.

These type of search terms wouldn’t be that hard to rank in the search engines for which at the end is our goal.

Step 2 Create Your Website

Building websites in 2015 isn’t as hard as it once was specially with no needed coding or any type of complicated development. In fact, you could make a website in 30 seconds !

You don’t believe me ? Okay, i’ll prove it to you just plug in your desired website name and see how much time it actually takes you.

 Step 3 Attract Visitors

The main focus that your website is for is simply to bring in daily traffic. If we have people coming to our website then we have a business as we are given the opportunity to make money.

Just take a look a traditional local business for instance.. If there are no people going inside this store then there is no chance of them making a sale. It’s just make money writing from homesimple math if you ask me. If you master this step then there is no telling how much money you could possibly make in due time.

Your main objective will be to bring people to your website that are interested in what you are talking about which can be achieved with practice.

Step 4 Earn Revenue

After you gain the targeted audience that you are after then it will only be natural to make quite a few sales with this type of strategy. Through the process of affiliate marketing you could possibly earn
a full time income like so many people that are currently doing this.

These affiliate programs will pay you a percentage commission anywhere from from 4% to 75% which can be a huge payout. Imagine just making one sale on a $1000 laptop at a 25% ? We are talking about $250 of one sale ! This could be based off one article only.. Imagine if we had 100 articles on laptop reviews ? Do you see the possibility here ? I’m sure you do as it’s pretty obvious that there is a huge opportunity here for you.


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    I really liked your post. You presented the information well and it was easy to read. Did I mention I love the program you are promoting?

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    Great information, I love Wealthy Affiliate, such a wonderful opportunity to make money doing something you love.

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